How to do work without credentials. Connection doesn’t require that.

Connection is a task that doesn’t require any credential.

Yet, it’s the task most of us fail to engage in.

You don’t need a credential to assist. To help your coworker meet his deadline. To track down a piece of information someone needs.

You don’t need a credential to lend a vision to a person struggling in a changing world. To help someone see a new inspiration. To make someone feel better.

You don’t need a credential to help spread a message. To introduce like-minded people. To point people where they need to go.

What you need is empathy, and understanding that connection is hard. Everyone wants some help, so start by offering what you can.

P.S. If you read this, and agree. It’s hard to find new people to share ideas with, so if you could point them to this blog, it would be a great help. If I can help you in anyway, let me know too.