Missing the big picture. Getting stuck in the task.

Even the tasks we give ourselves. The question is, “Do I really need to be doing this?”

Imagine you’re moving to a new house. You rent a truck. Pack your stuff in boxes, load them in the truck, drive to the new place, then unload.

Except in this unusual case, the house you moved to was right next door to the house you lived in previously!

Renting the truck, loading it in, and driving the truck over, was actually more work than just carrying the boxes directly over.

Our work, the important stuff anyways, is always unusual. As a result, part of the routine should be assessing what you’re doing and how it’s getting you where you want to go. Take plenty of time to assess, breathe, and decide what’s the most important task to be done before embarking on it.

Outcomes matter more than tasks. If you’re only moving next door, skip the truck no matter what the typical moving checklist says.