AI, the job killer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating quite a reputation as something that should be feared, something that is going to take over all the jobs in the world. In the long-term, that will be something science and society has to figure out. In the short-term, it’s one of the technologies that’s actually going to free people to do the work of their lives.

Not a job.

Serving customers.

Their OWN customers.

The future will fracture with more products than ever, produced with groups of people in mind, rather than the masses. The people who decided what each of these “niches” are for these products are the ones who will create jobs for themselves. Forever.

Technology is enabling small business like never before. In fact, it was that last century that aggregated and grew big, global business as we know it today, then at some point the internet connected us all in a new way, enabling a new channel of connecting to customers. The immediate industries that changed are the ones who’s only competitive advantage was owning the advertising.

Big breweries are a great example.

There is a lot to fear. There is also a lot to embrace. It may be the “job killer” but it could also be the “career enabler”.