Passion and mediocre work.

Most of the work is going to be mediocre. Some will be bad.

I’m so good, 95% of my work is above my average!

There are 3 options for a statement like that:

  1. A few pieces that are so catastrophically bad they drag the average way lower than the median.
  2. Donald Trump said it.
  3. Or it’s false.

Sure, it’s possible that mediocre work by one person could be better than great work by someone else, it depends on skill level, but if you’re trying to make an impact, the highest quality is going to be needed, that’s only going to happen by skilled individuals, so even for them, the vast majority of their work is going to fall far short of their greatest works.

A real problem is most people think of work in terms of passion. Yet, the definition of passion is a strong or uncontrollable emotion. Can you imagine if all our work was done in “moments of passion.”

You know that phrase.

It always pops up in murder shows when a jealous lover kills their partner! The prosecutor in the show paints the picture:

He came home. Found her and the mailman, and in a “moment of passion…”

Well, you know what happened next.

The point is, if always in a state of passion, nothing would ever get done! Uncontrollable laughter is passion. Rage is passion. Crippling fear is passion. None of those are conducive with working unless you’re a comedian, an MMA fighter, or Woody Allen.

Passion is good, it’s just a short term inspiration, not a long-term fuel.