Choosing the right work

Going above and beyond is difficult, especially doing tasks no one told you to do. On the surface, it seems easy. Just follow your whims. If only it was that simple.

When someone assigns a task at work, just complete it to the best of your ability. When deciding on the work yourself, “What should I be working on?” runs through the mind constantly. Considering the work is “extracurricular” this premise sounds ridiculous, but consider how many people “Don’t know what they want to do.” or “Want to find their passion.” On some level, those are the same issues.

I’ve written over 70 blogs for, and I still don’t know if I’m saying what I want to. There is a lot for me to relay, but it’s not always coming out. It’s not always clear what topic I should go deeper on and it’s not a question I can ask anyone. They don’t know the sum of the knowledge and experience contained in my brain.

The work itself shows the way. It generates more ideas. It’s the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine that will ever exist!

Grab the idea that’s the best at the moment, work on it. Let it lead you to the next great idea. If you never find a better idea, congratulations for finding something so powerful and elusive to most people.