Marketing in a fractured world.

Every Instagram account. Every YouTube creator. Every Blog.

Adding it all up, there are now billions of marketing channels in the world.

At one point around 1950 there were 4 nationally broadcast television stations, and some radio stations. By 1985, the channels were just shy of 20. Today, there is over 100. Consider, that even back when there were only 4 tv channels, there were still marketing companies that existed to help companies reach their audience.

In the future, jobs will exist doing nothing more than maintaining the knowledge of the channels based on the niche being sought. Want to reach mechanical engineers with a sense of humor? There’s some channels for that. Want to reach electrical engineers in Florida? There is a channel for that. Want to reach spouses of engineers? I’m not sure how that can be done, but someone could create a podcast called, How to be married to an engineer.

There’s billions of channels out there. Knowing what they are, and where the overlaps are is sure to be a new way to add value in an increasingly noisy world.