Higher up the supply chain…

are businesses that are more likely to work.

Consider the real estate mogul on a busy boulevard renting to restaurants. Whether those restaurants have good quality, or keep up with industry trends, he still gets paid. Likely when one goes out of business, there is another waiting to move in. The risk is much lower.

However, owning that building requires more capital. It requires even more capital to be Sysco, supplying the food to all restaurants. It requires trucks, equipment, a supply chain, logistics tracking software, order management software, etc.

At the bottom of the supply chain, we have experience requirements rather than capital. That’s not experience in the form age or time, it’s experience in the form of an event. It’s creativity. It’s the ability to wow.

For a restaurant to succeed, it needs to make food that people want to put on instagram. It needs to be a place that sticks in everyone’s mind to bring their friends. To go for their birthdays. To be remarkable.

At the top of the supply chain, money is made by processes and capital investment, further down, remarkability is all that matters.

If you’re an artist, you’re only goal is to be remarkable. That’s not easy, but it’s the work that needs to be done.

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