20 years from now

20 years is enough time to accomplish anything. A presidential bid. Creating a multi-billion dollar business. Writing a book, or a series even. Building fitness from couch potato to superman.

Most of these things don’t actually require 20 years. The problem is from the perspective of younger audiences, comprehending that even 5 years isn’t a long-time is a tough task.

5 years is nothing.

Most people waste 5 years thinking about what they would like to do. Some waste their lives thinking about it.

Instead of being paralyzed, one thing that can pay off is a network. For an exercise, take the amount of networking done last year, and multiply it by 20. What’s your network look like? How many people know you? What are your career options? How many consultants can help you with expertise? Having these options when the time comes to invest in your dreams and ideas is a great opportunity.

If your current efforts times 20 don’t create something significant, your efforts aren’t enough. Make a new plan, and put in the effort.