How to get a grip on a big project

Before I started writing this blog, I had an idea about writing a book. I had no idea how to estimate the kind of time and effort it would take me to do so. However, a month into my blog, and I had a word count barely below 10,000 words. I know roughly the amount of time it took me to write those posts based on how much time I spend in the evening doing so.

I also know that the average book in the publishing space I would be writing for contains roughly 50,000 words. With some basic multiplication I can figure out how much time it would take to put those words on a page. I can then factor in an estimate of the project time that would be required for editing, book design, and publishing.

Bingo. Bango. Bongo.

I now have a “business” plan if I decide to pursue writing a book. I can estimate how much effort it would be, and the likely effort of marketing it, associated costs, and lifetime value to determine if it’s worth the effort.

This post isn’t about just book writing. It’s similar with any big idea that’s bouncing around in your head. Without putting in some smaller efforts, getting the metrics needed to decide if it’s worth it, isn’t going to happen. However, with a relatively small amount of work, the view becomes much more clear.

The small tasks lead to the big picture, just get started.