Running out of things to talk about…

with customers is a sign it is time to invent some new ones. The cheapest price is a the determining factor in industries that are out of generous ideas.

The world is constantly changing and evolving, with new products coming out daily. Whether making something internally, or partnering with someone who has something that expands the current offerings, it’s necessary to have something new to offer customers that they value.

Here’s some thoughts about how to find additional value where currently there isn’t some:

It’s possible that a company that has a massively popular product, is focused on solving one problem for it’s customers. This comes naturally, as having a big customer base to server, means there is plenty of money to be made by focusing. However, it’s often that there are plenty of related software and technology in the same space, manufacturing for example, that someone who could come along and “integrate” these into a larger, powerful solution for companies is a valuable resource. Integration is an opportunity for just about anyone.

Personal touch. Charging more for hand-holding, and personal engagement is always a possibility. To do this means figuring out valuable offerings related to education, training, and customer service that others can’t provide. Examples might be:

  • Custom classes not available anywhere else.
  • Custom vision presentations that are developed with executive teams at customers.
  • Expanded customer service team, with dedicated representatives to customer accounts.
  • Investments in employees that are better communicators, better skilled, or better personalities.

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