Overcoming the fear of serving a specific audience.

Recently, while browsing, I came across a gentleman in a forum promoting a game he made called What the Golf?Clicking the link, there is a video which will show a game that is unlike any other expected. It’s not easily described, other than “A golf game, for people who don’t like golf.” Take a look to see what I mean, it will be well worth your time if you continue to match it to what I wrote below.

The product is the marketing. After seeing this game, it was so different I wanted to share it. It makes me want to at least try it after watching the video, though I haven’t had the time. I may not ever play it, as I don’t game much these days , however, this game certainly catches my eye, and if I can’t find the time, I’d like someone I know to try it and let me know.

This may be one of the best examples in recent memory of a product that is remarkable, that makes people want to share it with others. Some things on the list that it checks off:

  • Different than anything else in it’s category? Check.
  • Is it clear what it is? “Golf for people who don’t like golf.” Check.
  • Is it for everybody? No, it’s for people who don’t like regular golf games. It will delight them. It will likely infuriate people who like current golf games. Check.
  • Does it give a feeling that it’s been done with thought and care? Check.

Working on projects that are different is scary. Working on projects targeted at specific groups is scary. Finding the energy to put in thought and care is hard, and so it not working out is scary.

It turns out putting in all that effort, and wrestling with all that fear, is the path to a product that has marketing power, I definitely wouldn’t write this post, or share something about another Tiger Woods <Insert year here> game.

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