Why 3 and 4 ct chicken strips?

Those are the two “sizes” of orders at Chick-fil-a.

One chicken strip different?


Of course, it seems 1-count and 2-count orders would be too small for most people, or too low in cost to make much money on. So why 3 and 4 count? Instead of 3 and 5? Or 3 and 6?

  • They are close enough that they can use the same size box, making inventory easy.
  • They allow for every combination of orders seeking a different number of chicken strips other than 1,2, and 5.
  • They are both large enough to make money on.

This is the most flexible, and easiest solution to offering chicken strips in the amounts that individuals want to order regardless of appetite size. Simplest possible solution that allows for the most flexibility is often the best.