The 5 minute meeting

When starting, I had a brainstorming session to decide on the logo and the tagline. It took about 5 minutes for the logo. I allowed a few days to let the name just come to me before focusing on a logo.

I’m writing a blog, not building a full business, but this certainly shows the beauty of what it’s like to work at small companies on small, meaningful projects. Decisions are quick, rather than by committee. At Microsoft, it may have taken an hour to figure out who needs to be in the meeting to decide, two weeks to get all the stakeholders to agree to a date, and multiple meetings to determine what needs to be conveyed to the consumer through the name and logo and whether or not the proposed ideas meet that.

Small is fun to me, it skips all the bureaucracy and focuses on what’s important. If doing fun, important work is on your list, take some steps today. The best part is the meetings are quick.

Keep in mind, being small allows for editing, everything is adaptable, being big means better be right because no one has the energy to setup and sit through all those meetings again.

P.S. Once up and running with some success, it’s always a possibility to spend the money on the expensive logo meeting.

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