Controlling your destiny

In football, I’ve watched plenty of teams on 4th down with ten seconds left, 10 yards out, go for a field goal to tie it and go to overtime. However, overtime in the NFL is sudden death. It’s possible losing the coin toss, they may not control their fate.

There was another option, instead of kicking that field goal to tie it up, the team could go for a touchdown. Destiny at that point is far more in their control than they believe.

Why is it so scarce for them to accept that control, instead opting to kick and “safely” tie the score?

My hypothesis is about excuses. Something to blame if it doesn’t work, like losing the coin flip in overtime and then the other team scores.

That’s bad luck.

If the team had gone for the win prior to overtime, and didn’t get the touchdown, they lose. It’s the same result, but in the scenario where they go for it, someone called the wrong play, or executed poorly. Someone is at fault.

It seems that even people that have reached the pinnacle of their field are scared of making the wrong call.

Don’t let it stop you.

Believing in a future touchdown, rather than one on the next play, while the ball is currently in your hands, seems like a good way to shirk off what is possible here and now.