Doing what is necessary to survive.

“Are you running Target yet?”

A “friend” used to make me feel bad for working at Target. The economy had crashed, the industry I was about to enter, after getting my degree, tanked, and I enrolled in grad school after my internship of two years couldn’t hire me.

The company I had worked for was in such dire times, they couldn’t even keep me on as an intern, and so I had to seek out a job at Target to pay the bills. I could have skipped grad school, and moved to find work, but my girlfriend, now wife, was still in school, so I made a personal choice.

I did what I had to survive and stayed in my relationship.

However, there was this “friend” made me feel bad about it.

Every. Single. Time. I. Saw. Him.

He would poke sarcastically at the job, and ask snidely, “Are you running Target yet?” knowing I was still in a dead end job.

Here’s the kicker, that “friend” hasn’t been able to hold down a job. He’s not far in his career, and he’s not a great worker. Perhaps the reason he gave me such a hard time is because he could never see himself working that hard for that little money.

Back then, I let that guy get to me for doing what I needed to survive. In his mind, I was nothing for working at Target, but today, that same work ethic has been transferred to my other jobs, and that’s “Do what’s necessary to survive and get it done.” It’s served me well, and earned me respect.

Don’t let people make you feel bad for doing what’s best for you.