Acts of generosity

Society seems to think of generosity as money, something to be thrown around without thought. It doesn’t have to be that way, and the most generous acts aren’t about money at all. Here’s a list of generous acts, that don’t cost much:

  • Mentoring someone
  • Writing a blog that helps even 1 person
  • Sharing advice on forums
  • Sharing an idea with your boss, a new job prospect, a customer, or community
  • Creating a video to teach someone
  • Being an emotional support for someone taking on a big task or responsibility
  • Sharing a positive review of a business or coworker
  • Connecting people that can improve each other’s lives

The more effort put into these acts, the more generous. It’s nice to say, “Boss, I have a marketing idea, let’s start attending more tradeshows.” It’s another to prepare everything saying, “I have a marketing idea, let’s start attending tradeshows. I made a sketch of a booth we could build. I wrote a document that we could give out. I created a list of tradeshows we could attend and costs associated with each. I also prepared a rough estimation of an expected ROI.” All of that preparation takes time and effort without a guarantee of return, that’s what makes it generous.

Of course, it seems like doing all of this is a waste, the company may not use it. However, going above and beyond is never a waste, even if its value isn’t immediately realized.

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