Make time your ally.

My wife and I are working on clearing things we no longer need out of the house. We’re selling the stuff online, and she’s getting a little depressed about how long it is taking. However, it takes time for people to come across the listing online and reach out. No matter how fast we can sort, list, pack, and ship, marketing anything takes time as people need to find offerings and compare them.

And it extends beyond marketing. If making something physical, some amount of the project is going to happen, or not happen, as time continues to pass. Most people are familiar with negative end of that, waiting for something to happen, while time continues to pass and nothing does, but there is another path.

Do something today.

Make something people want to read, watch, consume, and put it online. Time will only continue to rack up more consumption of it. It’s like compound interest in a bank account.

Do something today, make time your ally.

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