Generosity as engineer

Generosity as a whole means different things to different people. To one person, it may mean giving money to charity. To another, it may be volunteering at a food bank. But what does it mean to be generous in your career?

For engineers, generosity in their careers can mean three things:

  1. Teaching others around them, even when not tasked to.
  2. Sharing ideas for improvements with the world or with your company.
  3. Marketing to push good ideas forward, or to stop bad ideas from happening.

The last item is what may seem the most confusing. Marketing? That’s generous?


Marketing can be a generous act. When you bring together facts, figures, and stories, presenting them consistently to an audience that is willing to listen, you are being generous. Anybody can make a statement, and while it’s more generous than saying nothing, putting in effort to help others make a decision in their best interest is a generous act.

If you received a lukewarm response to an idea and it’s going to be a big benefit, don’t stop trying to convince the right people. Be generous. It may be that generosity is just the thing your career is missing.