That idea in your head…

isn’t about thermodynamics, or electromagnetism, or AI. It’s about people. Connecting those who have a problem with those who need a solution. For the opportunity to bring it to life, starting with the people component is the best way.

If people skills aren’t a comfort zone, seek out someone who has the experience to help. One man shows are for the movies, more often than not, making an impact comes from teams.

Here’s a couple thoughts before getting too deep into a project (definitions may vary on that):

  • Ask 10 people that you believe would be a good fit for the product what they think about the idea. If it’s a consumer product, don’t ask friends and family.
  • Connect with people on LinkedIn you believe you would need to make your product  successful. Salespeople, marketers, etc. Ask their opinions on bringing that kind of product to life. Making a product is a wonderful thing, but does it have a clear path to sales and catching on is different.
  • If the first two steps above are positive, figure out what it will cost to produce. Does it still have a path to the market, or is too costly?

It’s amazing how small steps can prepare for big leaps. Or save us from a long fall.