How to start a project. The first crucial hours.

For a President, their first 100 days sets the tone. Scaling that down appropriately to 100 hours and applying it to your project, what would happen?

I estimate that >80% of all business ideas are quit before 100 hours of time is put in to them. 100 hours of time and whatever resources are available is enough to make a decision on whether to invest more. Even at an hour a night of investment, that’s only 3 months. And if you start this habit when you’re 20, there will be room for 200 of these attempts in your lifetime! No doubt one will take off before you’re even close to that!

Here are some big steps that can be accomplished in 100 hours with estimated times attached:

  • Business Planning – 20 hours
  • Preliminary Product Design/Calculations – 40 hours
  • 100 Sales Discovery Calls/Emails – 40 hours

I wouldn’t recommend doing these all in sequential order as each one can change the previous. A sales call can give feedback about a design. Or the number of people returning your emails can change the assumptions about the market size and volumes.

Now you’re the President (of your project), how are you going to set the tone in the first 100 hours?

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